Just once would I like to go about my day without hearing someone talk about food so negatively. I’d like to enjoy a slice of cake without hearing someone say they need to work out or that it’s so bad and they’re going to gain weight. I would like to go to a restaurant, choose what I want and not have to justify it to anyone. Oh, I chose to get a salad? No big deal. Oh, I wanted the hamburger and fries? No big deal. I don’t want to hear about how YOU need to work out. I don’t want to hear YOU complain about the non-existent fat on your body or the fat that IS on your body because at the end of the day, what’s going to change? It’s like hearing someone talk about stress. It makes you feel stressed. It makes you think about all the things you have to do too. I don’t want to hear this fat talk because I don’t want to be a part of that conversation. I don’t know how to respond without being a part of it. I want something more. I want to hear you talk about how delicious your dinner was. I want to hear how chocolatey and decadent that cake was. I want to hear about how good it felt to run without hearing about the calories you burned or the dessert you were running off. I want to hear you say that you love sloppy joes without mentioning how “bad” it is because of all the calories. I want our society to enjoy food and not have to engage in this fat talk or this cycle of guilt and regret that we all seem to find ourselves in. 

How can you escape something that you are constantly surrounded by? What do you guys do whenever someone initiates diet talk and fat talk? 

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  17. adios-melancolia said: I just stay silent.. I can’t respond without getting passionate and usually the other people get offended/shocked so I just don’t want to deal with it. :[ Wish there were an easy solution..
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