Day after day, by your words, your actions, and your thoughts, you have chosen your own path. And that path has brought you to precisely where you are.

Now it is time to choose again. Remember that with each and every choice you make, you determine the details of how your life will proceed.

It is a serious responsibility as well as a wonderful, enormous opportunity. For again and again, you can choose your way toward the life you truly wish to live

—— Ralph Marston (via runtowardsyourfear)
Wednesday, 16th of April

Have you ever been in a funk?

Definition of a (funk): To be sad, moody, stressed, unhappy, negative for A) No reason B) For multiple reasons C) For reasons you don’t know or understand. 

I’ve been in a funk the past few days. It’s just this gloomy, no energy, low spirited funk. The kind of funk that makes you want to eat your feelings, lie in bed with Netflix, and avoid people. I haven’t felt like this in a while. I haven’t cried like this in a while. And it’s unsettling because I used to have days like this all the time when I was really depressed. 

I don’t like feeling this way, but I know all of this is from stress. So I tell myself that these negative feelings are waves. I imagine these feelings as waves because I like to think they wash over me. I choose not to internalize these feelings or thoughts because they’re not who I am. Feelings aren’t always logical, and the ones I have now don’t reflect the kind of person I am or my future or what my body actually looks like. I think that’s important to remember. We don’t always have to analyze our feelings or ruminate about our sadness. Sometimes, life happens, we feel stressed, and we take a couple of mental health days to recover. Mental health days are like self care days. Isolating yourself, eating your feelings, and letting negativity consume you isn’t self care. BUT taking time for yourself, treating yourself to a nice meal, letting yourself experience negative emotions is healthy. You can feel negative emotions and accept them as part of your experience, but choose not to internalize them. 

So what have I done? I spent time alone, journaled, watched my TV shows, ate a lot of ice cream, took lots of naps, and “wasted” time on tumblr. I also went grocery shopping with a friend, called my sister and talked about positive things, had dinner with a friend even though all I wanted to do was stay in bed, wrote letters to my best friends, cried on the phone with my mother, and left the house to go to class. As much as I want to be alone when I feel bad, I also know how valuable it is to be with others and receive love and support.  

If you’re in a funk, don’t fight it or internalize it. Observe your thoughts and feelings as if they’re “visitors” that have come into your life, perhaps unexpectedly. They will leave. They may overstay their welcome, but they will leave, and you will be okay. Take as many self care days as you need. Remember to reach out and spend time with people who can make you laugh and support you when you cry. It’s tempting to stay home alone and keep to yourself (I know this feeling all too well), but sometimes the best way to get through a funk is spending time with others and doing things you love. 

What are some things you do to get through a funk? 

Tuesday, 15th of April

Literally everything I’ve ever criticized about myself…Today, I am going to send my body love and appreciation. 

Saturday, 12th of April
Sunday, 6th of April

What will you gain when you lose?

Well, Special K, I gained self-confidence
when I lost the first 10 pounds.

I gained an addiction when I lost
the next thirty.

I gained the horrid feeling deep in my
empty stomach when I started to lose my hair.

When I finally reached recovery,
I gained the confidence to lose my eating disorder.
I no longer judge my worth in proportion to my weight.

—— Michelle K., Dear Special K. (via michellekpoems)
Saturday, 5th of April


Wednesday, 2nd of April
❝ Feelings are just visitors. Let them come and go. ❞
—— Mooji 
Wednesday, 2nd of April

What to do when you “feel” fat

  1. Recognize that you’re feeling shitty. That’s okay. 
  2. You’re not feeling too hot about your body. That’s okay. 
  3. Think about what’s ACTUALLY making you feel shitty. 
  4. Figured it out? Good. Now you don’t have to project your negative feelings and thoughts onto your body. 
  5. Think about what you can do to address your feelings in a healthy way, like calling a friend, doing yoga, writing it down, listening to happy music, treating yourself to a nice bath or meal. 
  6. But wait, you still feel shitty about your body. That’s okay. 
  7. Go stand in front of the mirror, if you’re not there already. 
  8. Even if the next few things sound ridiculous and unhelpful, let me just say, they worked for me (with time). 
  9. Stand in front of the mirror, take a deep breath, and hug yourself. 
  10. As you hug yourself, smile your most genuine smile, even if it starts off a little tense and unnatural. 
  11. Now look at your reflection, keep hugging yourself and say, “You are beautiful.”
  12. Continue the hugging as you say, “You are worthy and good enough.”
  13. Do not let go as you say, “You’re feeling shitty about your body, but that doesn’t mean it’s shitty, or that you are a shitty person.”
  14. Place your hands on the parts of yourself that need more love. (I tend to touch my stomach and thighs.)
  15. Now with your hands placed, stare straight in the mirror and say, “I am not perfect, but that’s okay. I’m human and I am more than my body.” 
  16. Give yourself one final hug, one last genuine smile, and say what you would say to a friend that needed your support and love. 
  17. Do a quick, goofy dance in front of the mirror, preferably one that is very embarrassing and will make you laugh out loud. 
  18. Repeat steps 9 - 17 until you start feeling better. 
  19. Go on with your day. Maybe even use your talents and passions to do wonderful things in the world. 
  20. Because that’s what you’re here for. Not for your body or for the money you make or for making everyone else happy. You’re here to be YOU. The world needs YOU. 

*Positive affirmations are powerful. If negative comments can bring you down, positive comments can just as well bring you up! Practice positive self talk. Be your own best friend. Treat yourself kindly.*

Wednesday, 2nd of April

You gotta do you. And no one knows how to do you like you, and nobody knows how to do her like her.

Tuesday, 1st of April
❝ Bring consent out of the bedroom. I think part of the reason we have trouble drawing the line “it’s not okay to force someone into sexual activity” is that in many ways, forcing people to do things is part of our culture in general. Cut that shit out of your life. If someone doesn’t want to go to a party, try a new food, get up and dance, make small talk at the lunchtable—that’s their right. Stop the “aww c’mon” and “just this once” and the games where you playfully force someone to play along. Accept that no means no—all the time. ❞
—— The Pervocracy: Consent culture. (via notemily)
Monday, 31st of March



a friendly reminder:
don’t hang out with people that make you feel bad about yourself

Recovery Blog

Monday, 31st of March

No such thing as cheating when it comes to food

If you cheat on a partner, you’re guilty. If you cheat on a test, you’re guilty. If you cheat in a game, you’re guilty. Applying the same logic, if you cheat on a meal, you’re made to feel guilty. Cheating elicits negative emotions because you’re doing something wrong. There’s nothing positive about that word. And isn’t that what we’re all trying to get away from? The negative ideas that make us feel bad about ourselves?

You’re not cheating by having ice cream or pizza. You’re not out of control or being devious or bad for not following your meal plan or eating something that’s not considered “clean” or “unprocessed” or “healthy.” There’s no such thing as a cheat meal when it comes to food. You’re being a human being. And human beings have these things called taste buds and appetites and cravings and meal preferences. Shocker, I know.

Honor your hunger and tell yourself it’s okay to want to eat a bag of chips now and then. It’s okay to have french fries. If you have to tell yourself it’s okay as you eat, do it! The key is moderation and we are ALL capable of that. If you’re having trouble with that, message me and I’ll give you some tips! 

Sunday, 30th of March
❝ Your weight determines
your relationship with gravity;

but it should never determine
your relationship with yourself. ❞
—— (DS)
Sunday, 30th of March
❝ Do not try to be pretty. You weren’t meant to be pretty; you were meant to burn down the earth and graffiti the sky. Don’t let anyone ever simplify you to just “pretty.” ❞
—— Things I Wish My Mother Had Taught Me | d.a.s   (via saintofsass)
Friday, 28th of March
Wednesday, 19th of March