just because someone is more talented than you, doesn’t diminish your own talent.

just because someone is stronger than you, doesn’t discount your own resilience.

just because someone is better able to support a friend in the way that they need sometimes, doesn’t mean you’re not helping them or that you’re not as good of a friend.

just because someone is better at their job than you are, doesn’t mean you’re not contributing to your workplace.

think about it: saying “she’s more athletic so that means i’m not athletic enough” is as ridiculous as saying “he’s 30 years old so that means i’m not 22 years old.” 

that’s not to say we should all stop trying to ever improve or work on ourselves—rather, it’s a reminder that what each of us has to offer the world is valuable, and that value is inherent in its existence. what anyone else has to offer the world is unrelated.

you do not need to bring someone down to bring yourself up. likewise, someone else going up does not indicate that you are going down.

there is no world quota on goodness.

Thursday, 21st of August

Busyness lies. It tricks us into thinking that things are happening. That we’re going places, being productive, living a full life. The exhilarating effects of stress, not the quiet or stillness after chaos, is familiar. We would rather have something, than nothing, even if that something is…empty.

We all do this. We look to relationships, drugs or distractions to fill so-called “voids” and assuage our loneliness or anxiety about who we are and the uncertainty of our futures. Isn’t that why we tie our self worth to salaries and job titles in hopes that this will validate us? Isn’t that why we justify the long hours, routine work, and deteriorating relationships as “real life?” How is it that we’ve become so complacent?

I refuse to believe that with age, you need to be realistic and live out your decisions based on what’s been done or what’s expected of you. What if we stopped looking externally for validation or excitement, but found that within ourselves? See I want to feel like life is worth living. Not for culture, not for the societal structures and institutions in place, not for the security, none of that. Just life itself. The idea that being alive is enough…beautiful, even.

I don’t want to be tied down to a job I despise or to be surrounded by people who take that shit too seriously. And by shit, I mean, jobs, resumes, salaries, kids, marriage, age, any of it. Others may be able to go through life’s routine and find their truth, or perhaps never bother finding it at all. But I can’t. I just can’t.

—— Thoughts of a post-grad 21 year old who finds busyness overrated
Thursday, 21st of August
❝ We are here together very briefly, so let us accept reality fully and take care of one another while we can. ❞
—— Robert Aitken (via runtowardsyourfear)
Wednesday, 20th of August
❝ Love yourself. Forgive yourself. Be true to yourself. How you treat yourself sets the standard for how others will treat you. ❞
—— Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience (via quotes-shape-us)
Tuesday, 19th of August
Monday, 18th of August
❝ Do not ask your children
to strive for extraordinary lives.
Such striving may seem admirable,
but it is the way of foolishness.
Help them instead to find the wonder
and the marvel of an ordinary life.
Show them the joy of tasting
tomatoes, apples and pears.
Show them how to cry
when pets and people die.
Show them the infinite pleasure
in the touch of a hand.
And make the ordinary come alive for them.
The extraordinary will take care of itself. ❞
—— William Martin (via quotes-shape-us)
Sunday, 17th of August

Write a Gratitude List

I like to write gratitude lists when I’m feeling down. It helped me a lot through my depression when I was at my worst. I still like to make them every once in a while because it’s always good to be thankful. Here’s mine for today. 

8/17/14 Gratitude List

Sunday, 17th of August


it’s weird how yogurt is almost exclusively advertised to women

Sunday, 17th of August
❝ I do not think we have a “right” to happiness. If happiness happens, say thanks. ❞
—— Marlene Dietrich, Marlene Dietrich’s ABC (via quotes-shape-us)
Saturday, 16th of August
❝ If you are not the hero of your own story, then you’re missing the whole point of your humanity. ❞
—— Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience (via quotes-shape-us)
Friday, 15th of August
Friday, 15th of August
❝ Sometimes we must undergo hardships, breakups, and narcissistic wounds, which shatter the flattering image that we had of ourselves, in order to discover two truths: that we are not who we thought we were; and that the loss of a cherished pleasure is not necessarily the loss of true happiness and well-being. ❞
—— Jean-Yves Leloup (via quotes-shape-us)
Friday, 15th of August
inveticus asked:
I feel like I need someone like you to follow me around and give me good bits of advice and help me smile when I'm down. I've only been looking through your blog for 10 minutes but I'm glad I came across it.

Oh, I wish I had someone doing that for me too!! But then we would never learn to be our own champion, so I suppose the universe got it right :) Thank you for your kind words!

Wednesday, 13th of August
Monday, 11th of August
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